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We are dedicated to providing quality service for all your performance needs.



Whether you want to improve your cars performance, make it sound different, improve it's economy, find out it's BHP or just make it handle better, 4Tune Performance is the place to come

ECU Remapping

The ECU is the brain of the engine. Amongst other things, it reads, understands and makes decisions based on accelerator position.

ECU  Remapping reads the vehicles standard map and then adjusts various parameters within the map, such as boost pressure, on a turbocharged engine, and fuel pressure. When the ECU is adjusted correctly it can unlock engine performance.

Dyno/Rolling Road Runs

The only way to find your vehicles BHP output is to run you car on a rolling road/dyno. Here at 4Tune Performance we are able to do this on our two wheel rolling road, and provide you with a colour print out of your results.

Custom Built Stainless Steel Exhausts

One of the things that complement the ECU Remapping is exhaust and induction upgrades.  Here a 4Tune Performance we can custom build your exhaust system from grade 304 stainless steel. So whether you have a classic, vintage or race car, or just want to improve your road going car, we're able to build an exhaust to your requirements

3D 4 Wheel Alignment

All manufacturers recommend you have digital or 3D 4 wheel alignment. With systems like traction control, cruise control and ABS all 4 wheels need to be aligned. This encourages even tyre wear and with tyres getting bigger and wider, which means more expense, helps keep money in your pocket a little longer.

Whilst working together with DW Autos we are also able to carry out all the necessary servicing, vehicle repairs, class 4,5L & 7 MOTs, tyres, brakes, diagnostics and air conditioning your vehicle may need.


We Can Handle Any Kind of

Vehicle Repair Needs

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